She believed she could

so she did

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It’s 3 am

I’m back at my hotel and going to sleep now. Just in case you wondered….


  1. tallmormon said: I wanted to spend time with you
  2. becky-balances said: <3
  3. chrystimoreorless said: Tumblr loves you! And this tumblr is bummed that she didn’t get to meet you!!
  4. regainingmymoxy said: Tumblr loves you. Unless you are referring to this in the kitten with heart exploding from joy kind of way.
  5. trivialbob said: Nice meeting you!
  6. two-o-nine said: Tumblr loves you more than you know. You go to sleep and I wake up. Wish I hadn’t missed the birthday shots!
  7. pharmkitten posted this
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