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NOLA Recap

Saturday was spent traveling, which was exhausting. We had a delayed flight in Fort Lauderdale due to weather in Connecticut (that’s where our plane was coming from). Once in NOLA we had to walk to the convention center to get our race packets and check out the expo. Then we walked and walked and walked around NOLA before meeting some of the internet for dinner. It was not hard to go to bed early Saturday.

Race morning we went to Hotel de Internet (Pelham) to meet up, put on our internet stickers, and head to the race. We started with Christine, Brennna, and Johnna. The plan was to keep our pace super slow in the beginning. I was seriously undertrained for the marathon - my longest run was 13.1 miles - but we started out thinking we would try it, even if we had to walk the whole second half. I felt great and there was a lot to look at to make time go by. I really thought there would be more bands along the course, but looking at the mansions on St. Charles Street made the time go by. 

We stopped to take pictures at mile 5 and mile 10.

Saw Claire at mile 9 and I yelled “Yeah internet” but I don’t think she saw me. At mile 11 I was feeling pretty good and I felt like I could finish the half strong. I honestly think I could have finished the full, but it would not have been pretty. It was getting hot, I forgot to apply sun screen, and my right foot was rubbing in my shoe. We talked about it and decided I would rather have a strong half and be able to walk for the rest of the vacation.  I picked up the pace once we made the decision because I wanted a PR. At about mile 12 I ran the whole time and in the corral I downright sprinted like a maniac. I was weaving in and out of people to get to the finish. I got my PR by almost 6 minutes.

We then hung out with the internet waiting for Christine and Brenna to finish. Went back to the hotel to shower and go get something to eat. I really wanted to hang out with the internet Sunday night, but we never could catch up with them. Thanks to Rindy and Darcy for texting me and letting me know where they were, but I was sleeping by 8:30. The day and the sunburn caught up with me I guess. 

We spent Monday walking all around the French Quarter and Marigny. Had dinner with some running friends that we know IRL that were there for the race. One of them was this guy. He is in his 50s, has lost over 150 lbs, and runs half marathons all the time. He also cycles in addition to all his running.

Tuesday we walked all around the Garden District and went Uptown. Aside from leaving my purse in the only bar on Bourbon Street that actually closes and doesn’t open until 5 pm (really?) the weekend was great.

Really wish I met more of the internet, but there’s always Chicago (and Nashville???).


  1. jrfred said: Congrats on your PR!! And it was great to run next to you for a minute haha
  2. sayhellotocindy said: It was great to meet your and your husband! High five on the PR!
  3. shortmom said: Congrats on your PR!!!!! Thank you soooooo much for waiting! I was so so so so so so happy to see everybody at the end, even if I didn’t look like it! :-)
  4. chrisrunsoldschool said: NASHVILLE!
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